“Free market” advocates have tried to perpetuate three great economic myths, all of which have recently been exposed. Trickle-down economics does not work. Free markets do not automatically self-correct.  And perhaps most importantly, allowing income inequality to grow larger and larger is not only bad for a society’s morale, it inevitably leads to economic instability.  The ECONOMIC JUSTICE Bullfrog Community encourages public education on timely economic issues that affect us all: the recent credit bubble burst, the current global financial crisis, the influence of special-interest money in politics, our over-consumption "disease", and new ideas on measuring the success of the economy. Join in and speak up!

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wfa_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg WORKS FOR ALL (31 min)
Since 2011 Co-op Cincy has been building an inspiring network of worker-owned cooperatives in Cincinnati to create a regional economy that works for all.
omac_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg THE OIL MACHINE (81 min)
Our economic, historical and emotional entanglement with oil gets ever more complex as we hurtle towards climate catastrophe. Can we break our addiction?
citm_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg A CRACK IN THE MOUNTAIN (99 and 53 min)
Tells the story of the incredible, recently discovered, world's largest cave passage and the opportunity and challenges it presents to the small, impoverished Vietnamese community nearby.
flh_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg FIGHT LIKE HELL (55 min)
She dedicated her life to saving working families everywhere. The robber barons called her “the most dangerous woman in America,” but workers called her “Mother Jones.”
meat_dvdcover142x200.jpg MEAT THE FUTURE (88 min)
Follows Dr. Uma Valeti, co-founder of leading "cultivated" meat startup Upside Foods, as he and his team develop a game-changing solution to a global, unsustainable hunger for meat.
reck_dvdcover142x200.jpg A RECKONING IN BOSTON (84 min)
Explores what keeps the gap between rich and poor, white and Black, so glaringly wide in Boston.
fren_dvdcover142x200.jpg FRENEMIES: CUBA AND THE US EMBARGO (87 min)
Presents a balanced portrait of Cuban life today and a compelling argument for why the US should lift the devastating 60-year embargo.
tfj_dvdcover142x200.jpg THIRST FOR JUSTICE (58 min)
Focuses on three battles for clean water—on the Navajo Reservation, in Flint MI, and at Standing Rock—united in the belief that Water Is Life.
sog_dvdcover142x200.jpg THE SHADOW OF GOLD (79 min)
An unflinching look at how the world's favorite heavy metal is extracted from the earth.
Explores the transformative power of the co-operative enterprise model, illustrated with many inspirational examples.
sql_dvdcover142x200.jpg THE SEQUEL (61 min)
Looks at the influential work of David Fleming, who dared to re-imagine a thriving civilization after the collapse of our current mainstream economies and inspired the Transition Towns movement.
ffc_dvdcover142x200.jpg FOOD FOR CHANGE (82 min)
Looks at the current resurgence of food cooperatives in America and their unique historic place in the economic and political landscape.
foco_dvdcover142x200.jpg FOOD COOP (97 min)
Looks at the workings of a highly profitable supermarket, Brooklyn's Park Slope Food Coop, which for 44 years has been a shining example of a successful alternative economic system at work.
dbd_dvdcover142x200.jpg DEATH BY DESIGN (73 min)
Exposes the unintended environmental, health and social consequences of our addiction to our digital devices.
true_dvdcover142x200.jpg THE TRUE COST (92 min)
Groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the untold story and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing?
The story of how a mining town recovered from its legacy of pollution and prospered by building community around the battle to save their beautiful river.
An exploration of nonviolence and organizing through the life and teachings of Rev. James Lawson, a former advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King.
wecoi_dvdcover142x200.jpg WECONOMICS (19 min)
Reports on the extensive and innovative cooperative economy in the region around Bologna.
hand_dvdcover142x200.jpg THE HAND THAT FEEDS (84 and 56 min)
Shy sandwich-maker Mahoma López unites his undocumented immigrant coworkers to fight abusive conditions at a popular New York restaurant chain.
shift_dvdcover142x200.jpg SHIFT CHANGE (69 min)
Investigates employee-owned businesses that provide secure, dignified jobs in democratic workplaces even in today's economic crisis.
ewith_dvdcover142x200.jpg THE ENEMY WITHIN (112 min)
The story of Britain's longest strike, the 1984-85 miners' strike, when Margaret Thatcher declared war on the unions, as told by those who lived through it.
wang_dvdcover142x200.jpg WE ARE NOT GHOSTS (52 min)
Detroiters are reinventing the old Motor City as a vibrant new self-sustaining and human-scaled city for a post industrial world.
THE FLAW (82 min)
The story of the credit bubble that caused the financial crash of 2008, and how excessive income inequality leads to economic instability.
PRICELESS (58 min)
A non-partisan look at the consequences of big-money campaign donations and a Capitol overrun by lobbyists.
monme2_dvdcover142x200.jpg MONEY AND MEDICINE (84 and 56 min)
An investigation of the dangers the nation faces from runaway health care spending.
obh_dvdcover142x200.jpg ONE BIG HOME (88 min)
Tells a fascinating story of conflicting visions of economic development through the lens of gentrification.
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