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At the heart of Bullfrog Communities is documentary film used to enact change in the world. We believe that documentary film is the perfect medium to inspire action around any number of social, political or environmental issues that we face today. 



Be the change-maker: Host a ticketed, in-person or streaming public screening of a documentary film to start the conversation in your community. You don’t have to worry about copyright infringement because we’ve already secured the rights for you.


Use Bullfrog Communities to publicize your event with easy-to-use invitations and RSVP systems that allow YOU to communicate with YOUR community. Plant the seed and watch it grow.

DollarSign.jpg Use the funds from your screening to benefit local non-profits or groups who are helping make a difference.
Lightbulb.jpg Inspire others to use film to inspire action!

Bullfrog Communities Screening Guide

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Screening Guide



Bullfrog Communities offers three standard community screening licenses for in-person or streaming screenings, with fees based on the number of people you expect to attend. However, prices may vary depending on the title and package offered. See each title's "Book a Screening" page to see specific prices and available packages. Some titles have free-admission-only screening options. "Home Use" purchases are also available for some films for screenings hosted at home (only).

• Small Community Screening (1-50 people attending)................................$100  
(View screening license here.)

• Medium Community Screening (51-100 people attending).........................$200  
(View screening license here.)

• Large Community Screening (100-200 people attending)...........................$350  
(View screening license here.)

• More than 200 people? Inquire here.

• Home Use..................................................................................$24.95 - 29.95 
(View screening license here.)
(Only with friends and family. Not available for all titles.)

Except for Home Use or specifically licensed free-admission screening options, community screening licenses from Bullfrog Communities allow you to host a screening, charge admission, and keep the proceeds! Use our films to fund-raise for a favorite cause, support a local charity, or raise operating funds for your grassroots or non-profit organization. After purchasing your screening license, your online order confirmation will contain a link to a page where you can register your event and use our online publicity.

Special Title Request

Interested in a Bullfrog Films title not listed on Bullfrog Communities? Email [email protected] to make a request and book your community screening HERE.


Bullfrog Communities Streaming

Bullfrog Communities now offers online community screenings!

There are two types of online community screenings: (1) On Demand and; (2) On Time. Charge admission or host free-admission events.

On Demand screenings will allow your audience to view a film (or more than one film) anytime during a window of time: one day, one week, etc. English captions and non-English subtitles (subject to availability) are accessible for On Demand screenings only.

On Time screenings are livestream, virtual events. Your audience views a film at a set time, like an in-person movie screening or community screening. A live chat feature is included. Schedule subject to availability. Licensing is available for synchronous screenings on other platforms upon request.

For online community screening pricing information, see the pricing FAQ.

To book your online community screening, complete the Online Community Screening Request Form or email us with details about your event.

For additional information, see our FAQ.

Need more?

In addition to securing excellent films for you to screen to your community, we also participate in partnership campaigns and  the development of petitions, to provide you with opportunities to enact change on a grassroots level regarding important social, environmental and political issues. Please click here to see active campaigns.

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