Media permeates our lives through an ever increasing variety of sources: television, print media, radio, the internet. Who controls what we can see, hear, and access? And what does that control do to our understanding of our world, and our right to engage it on our own terms without the threat of censorship, manipulation, or sanitization of the information? In the MEDIA Bullfrog Community, we'll explore and discuss the implications of a world saturated with information and entertainment, and how this affects both our lives and our civil liberties.

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CELLING YOUR SOUL (48 and 26 min)
An examination of our love/hate relationships with our digital devices from the first digitally socialized generation, and what we can do about it.
sol_dvdcover142x200.jpg SHADOWS OF LIBERTY
(93 and 53 min)

Uses shocking examples of cover-ups and censorship by the US media to show how a few mega corporations exercise control over the content of our news.
A David & Goliath tale of one man's fight against restrictions by Internet service providers and governments on consumers' access to the internet.
(96 min)

John Pilger's powerful and timely investigation into the media's role in war.
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