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PRICELESS examines the growing cost of federal elections, the impact of political campaign fundraising on members of Congress and on policy-making, and the citizen movement to limit the undue influence of large campaign donors.


This non-partisan film includes a look at two national policies: agriculture and energy, both of which are shaped by a variety of special interests including industry groups, political parties, lobbyists, citizen groups, candidates and officeholders.

The film features Arizona's pioneering clean-elections system as a possible alternative to the prevailing model — an optional reform attracting support from members of Congress in both parties. Commentators include elementary-school students, citizens, members of Congress, lobbyists, reform advocates, noted political observers and humorists. Amongst those interviewed are Alan Simpson, Mario Cuomo, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), Bill Bradley, Lawrence Lessig, Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD), Charlie Stenholm, Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN), Rep. Don Young (R-AK), Thom Hartmann, Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and Bob Edgar.

Duration: 58 minutes

Directed by Steve Cowan
Produced by Habitat Media
Writers: Steve Cowan and Cameron Harrison
Editors: Steve Cowan, Cameron Harrison and Barry Schienberg


Screening options:
$29.95 Home Use DVD purchase (private use only)

COMMUNITY SCREENINGS (single events with license to charge admission)

$100 Small Community Screening (1-50 people)
$200 Medium Community Screening (51-100 people)
$350 Large Community Screening (100+ people)

"The momentum for change must come from We the People, and it must be a groundswell of national support"
John Rauh, Founder, Americans for Campaign Reform


"Priceless tells the story of the pervasive influence of special interest money on our government in a clear, connect-the-dots way accessible to all audiences."
Miles Rapoport, President, Demos and The American Prospect,
former Secretary of the State of Connecticut

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