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RACING TO ZERO is a quick-moving, upbeat documentary presenting new solutions to the global problem of waste.

In Pursuit of Zero Waste


Only one third of the waste in the United Stated is recycled or composted. Why? Industry, through its practice of planned obsolescence, plays a major role; our lives are almost totally dependent on unrecyclable petroleum products. In order to reach zero waste, we need to change our relationship to garbage and view the things we discard as resources, rather than waste.

RACING TO ZERO examines today’s cultural garbage practices in terms of consumption, preparation, use and production, and discovers some amazing solutions in San Francisco, which is successfully taking the necessary steps to reach zero waste. Cities all over the United States have instituted zero-waste policies of their own, and it is through these mandates that we are challenged to think differently about not only how we handle our garbage, but what it can become.

SDH Captioning for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

Directed by Christopher Beaver
Produced by Diana Fuller
Editor: Maureen Gosling
Original Music: Dan Wool


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"This video is excellent...Congratulations to San Francisco for daring to be idealistic and hats off to this film team for showing us how a dream can become a practical reality."
Dr. Paul Connett, Author, The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Chemistry, St. Lawrence University

"RACING TO ZERO reframes the conversation – not around what waste is – but what waste can be – a resource to us all."
Dr. Jeff Wilson, Dean and Environmental Studies Professor, Professor Dumpster of The Dumpster Project, Huston-Tillotson University

"RACING TO ZERO is an inspirational overview of San Francisco's progress towards closed-loop solid waste management...Details a comprehensive approach that goes beyond municipal solid waste and food waste by demonstrating implementation of e-wastes, plastics, and clothing reprocessing. San Francisco's program is an excellent example for other cities."
Dr. Thomas DiStefano, Chair and Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Bucknell University

"Both instructive and inspirational, RACING TO ZERO offers an honest and hopeful portrayal of one city's dream of rebirth and a possible end to America's waste nightmare. Including interviews with scholars, waste workers, small businesses, politicians and farmers, this film will be an invaluable resource to educators and environmental reformers alike."
Joshua Reno, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, SUNY- Binghamton University, Co-editor, Economies of Recycling: The Global Transformation of Materials, Values and Social Relations

"Rousing film exhorts us to join in...Even turning rubbish into art, these innovators zero in on new possibilities for greater sustainability."
Carol Harada, Mill Valley Film Festival

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