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At a time when children play more behind screens than outside, PLAY AGAIN explores the changing balance between the virtual and natural worlds. Is our connection to nature disappearing down the digital rabbit hole?

 This emotionally moving and humorous documentary follows six teenagers who, like the "average American child," spend five to fifteen hours a day behind screens. PLAY AGAIN unplugs these teens and takes them on their first wilderness adventure - no electricity, no cell phone coverage, no virtual reality. Through the voices of children and leading experts, the film investigates the consequences of a childhood removed from nature and encourages action for a sustainable future.

There are two versions of this program on the same DVD: 80 and 53 minutes
SDH Captioning for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

Directed by Tonje Hessen Schei
Produced by Meg Merrill
Executive Producer: Lowan Stewart


Screening options (with license to charge admission):
$100 Small Community Screening (1-50 people)
$200 Medium Community Screening (51-100 people)
$350 Large Community Screening (100+ people)

"It is a powerful film, revealing that we are allowing our young people to be so profoundly disconnected from the natural world and denying them the opportunity
to fully develop their senses.

Robin Mann, President, The Sierra Club


"The film captures the helplessness of a generation hooked on virtual life,
and the freedom the children taste when that cord is cut, even momentarily.

Tobin Hack, Portland Tribune


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