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PLANEAT makes the case for a plant-based diet, which is good for our bodies, good for the environment, and mitigates climate change.

Where have we gone wrong? Why has the death rate from heart disease and cancer exploded in recent times? Why are the ice caps melting, the oceans dying and the forests being cut down as we produce the food necessary to support our burgeoning populations? Against a backdrop of colorful and delicious food grown by organic farmers and prepared in the kitchens of world-famous chefs, PLANEAT for the first time brings together the ground-breaking studies of three prominent scientists who have made it their life's work to answer these questions. Dr. T. Colin Campbell in China by exploring the link between diet and disease, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's use of nutrition to treat chronically ill heart disease patients, and Professor Gidon Eshel's investigations into how our food choices contribute to global warming, wasteful land use and lifeless oceans.

There are two versions of this program on the same DVD: 72 and 35 minutes
SDH Captioning for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

Directed by Shelley Lee Davies & Or Shlomi
Produced by Shelley Lee Davies, Or Shlomi & Christopher Hird
Executive Producer: Christopher Hird


Screening options (with license to charge admission):
$100 Small Community Screening (1-50 people)
$200 Medium Community Screening (51-100 people)
$350 Large Community Screening (100+ people)

"Utterly compelling."

Empire Magazine

"Highlighting links between protein consumption and cancer, beef farming
and climate change, the film's holistic viewpoint is punchy and inspirational.

Total Film

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