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For almost 40 years, partners Marianne Edain and Steve Erickson have worked continually to retain the rural character and ecological diversity of Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, north of Seattle.

Through their organization Whidbey Environmental Action Network (WEAN), Edain and Erickson have monitored county applications for development and logging; challenged projects that violate state environmental law and led the way in science-based environmental public policymaking. In partnership with citizens and communities up and down Whidbey Island, they have helped keep trees standing and protected sensitive island ecosystems.

The effects of WEAN's work have extended statewide, as the legal precedents of their campaigns have been applied in other regions of Washington.

30 minutes
SDH Captioned

Directed by Mark Dworkin, Melissa Young
Produced by Melissa Young
Photography and Editing: Mark Dworkin
A Moving Images Production

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"Marianne and Steve are an inspiration to anyone looking for ways to engage with local communities to help steward the land. Through their tenacity and love of the land, Whidbey Island remains a special place for nature to thrive."
Dr. Grace Wang, Professor of Urban & Environmental Planning & Policy, Director, Sustainability Engagement Institute, Western Washington University

"EVER GREEN is an inspiring tribute to the power of sustained, committed, and smart local activism to preserve the integrity of land and communities in the face of unrelenting development pressures. It confirms the aphorism that 'the world is run by the people who show up.' And it doesn't hurt to know the law and hold local officials accountable to it."
Philip Brick, Professor of Politics and Environmental Studies, Whitman College

"Viewers will be inspired by grassroots conservationists Marianne Edain and Steve Erikson's fearlessness, perseverance, wisdom, and organizing brilliance. EVER GREEN powerfully tells the story of the groundbreaking legal campaigns of these two trailblazers. They bust common Western myths such as 'nature is separate from people' and show us how to build resilient communities of environmental stewards to nonviolently protect people and the planet while holding government and corporations accountable. This film is a compelling watch and an enduring lesson for students, environmentalists, and all who wish to see a better world."
Bidisha Mallik, Assistant Teaching Professor of Global Ethics, University of Washington-Tacoma

"Inspiring! When ordinary people along coastal Washington challenge powerful economic interests through persistence, partnerships and encouraging each other, they succeed in preserving in perpetuity old growth forest, stunning shorelines and farmland. EVER GREEN will energize vibrant discussion in various community and educational venues about what is possible in decades to come."
James Loucky, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Western Washington University

"This is a wonderful film about two people who, through living their values, have had an enormous influence on how Whidbey Island looks, feels, and functions for both residents and visitors alike. Marian and Steve have devoted their lives to holding others accountable to the laws and regulations that we all have agreed to live by. Nothing more, nothing less. The impacts of their work have benefitted all of us and will continue to do so for generations to come. Their story serves as an inspiration for all of us with an interest in conserving and enjoying nature."
David Giblin, Collections Manager and Research Botanist, University of Washington Herbarium

"EVER GREEN is an inspiring example of how a few determined people can come together to make big changes in environmental policy and land use. It's impressive that Whidbey has maintained its rural character, and this film shows us how it is done. Anyone who is concerned about the loss of wild spaces to development, and wondering what can be done about it, should watch this film."
Jaal Mann, Lead Forester, Northwest Natural Resources Group

"EVER GREEN is a case study in the Washington Growth Management Act and the tensions that arise between development, agriculture, conservation, rural life, and other land use needs. It's good for students to wrestle with these tensions, which are rarely black and white, and see stories of everyday people who have been able to use knowledge of policy and persistence to shape their communities."
Bonnie Becker, Associate Professor of Marine Ecology, University of Washington Tacoma

"What a powerful story of individuals making a huge difference for the Earth! And how much bigger it could be if we all watched it and did what we see done here!"
David Swanson, Executive Director, World Beyond War
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