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CONNECTIVITY PROJECT examines the ripple effects of our actions in an interconnected world.


By exploring the ripple effects of our actions in an interconnected world, the three-part CONNECTIVITY PROJECT highlights how science and different cultures and traditions from around the world embrace the importance of interconnectedness. As we follow inspiring individuals who are making a difference in the lives around them, we see these connections exhibited all around us.

More importantly, empowering viewers to realize that their actions indeed matter and make a difference, all the while encouraging a greater sense of awe, belonging, and responsibility.

The 3 episodes in the film are:

Interconnections (15 minutes) — Examines how different cultures and faiths from around the world have a common, time-honored awareness of an interconnected way of being. By raising understanding and awareness about these connections, we explore why this perspective is more important now more than ever before, as we realize that our actions and ways of being impact much more than we can even measure.

Plants Have Wings (16 minutes) — We look into the amazing realm of plants and their pollinators and, as all things are connected, discover that we are each an integral part of the pollination process. As we follow the story of an inspired bicyclist who is a champion supporting threatened Monarch butterflies, we learn how we are all a distinct part of the web of life. Not only are we deeply reliant on pollinators, they too are reliant on us.

Speaking Out! (15 minutes) — Activism is combined with interconnectedness, as an indigenous high school student is inspired by the actions of Lois Gibbs (grass roots activist organizer from Love Canal in the 1970s). We follow Clarissa's journey to speak out and advocate for the right to clean air, for her family, school, and community in North Portland, Ore.

46 minutes
SDH Captioned

Directed by Rose Madrone
Produced by Rose Madrone
Co-Director: Robert Consentino
Co-Producer: Melissa Gregory Rue Writers: Rose Madrone, Robert Consentino
Editor: Heidi Zimmerman
Camera: Robert Consentino, Rose Madrone


COMMUNITY SCREENINGS (single events with license to charge admission)
$100 Small Community Screening (1-50 people)
$200 Medium Community Screening (51-100 people)
$350 Large Community Screening (100+ people)

"This is probably one of the most important projects on earth at this time. Its brilliance lies in its simplicity and its necessity. You have hit the core of not just the problem but of where we should all be focusing our attention. I was so deeply moved by this work."
Jean Houston, Co-Founder, The Foundation for Mind Research

"I think you are on to a great project. I love the way you present its various parts as petals of a lotus."
Fritjof Capra, Scientist, Educator, Systems Thinking leader, Author, The Systems View of Life and The Tao of Physic

"The CONNECTIVITY PROJECT — whether shown individually or as a complete set - ought to be viewed by every single person around the globe. Combined with a guest speaker/panel of individuals and providing viewers with the opportunity to go deeper in discussion with others leading to civic action steps ought to be required at minimum in organizations committed to global awareness and sustainability efforts. The content of the Connectivity Project can and should play a role in macro and micro level discussions regarding the creation of a better tomorrow."
Corey Thompson, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Urban Education, Cardinal Stritch University

"'Since everything is connected, it doesn't matter where you start.' This series of short films provides inspiring stories and vignettes that support a greater awareness of the interrelated systems of life. The film series will be a great jumping off point for students, teachers, and community members who are interested in considering a range of environmental studies, stewardship activities, or advocacy that can make a difference."
Tori Derr, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, California State University Monterey Bay

"Transitioning to a world that is both socially just and environmentally sustainable will require the widespread adoption of a new narrative about humanity and our place on the planet, a narrative that replaces the story of modernity with its focus on isolation, domination, and exploitation with one that conjoins Indigenous and scientific understandings and celebrates the possibility of participation, relationship, and gratitude. The CONNECTIVITY PROJECT succinctly presents the central themes of this new perspective with compelling images that illustrate the way it works in nature and could work in human societies."
Gregory Smith, Professor Emeritus of Education, Lewis and Clark College, Co-author, Place-and Community-Based Education in Schools

"A thought provoking series with vivid visuals and narrations that persuade us to reflect on our choices, be curious of how our actions affect our environment, and ponder on our powerful role as citizens and the impact we have on Planet Earth. This is an excellent media resource to empower future generations at schools as well as everyday community members to explore advocacy for sustainable choices and practices in every sphere of life."
Tanzeem Ali, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Science Education, University of Wisconsin-Superior

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