In order to live sustainably on the planet, we have to start by changing our attitude towards the environment.  Humans are not separate from nature; we are part and parcel of its evolving process.  In the ENVIRONMENT Bullfrog Community, we can teach each other how to kick the fossil-fuel habit, preserve the planet’s non-renewable resources for their highest and best uses, and encourage our children’s sense of wonder. We can live healthily, happily, and with greater concern for the other inhabitants of this planet and for our descendants.

Host a screening today to find out what's at stake, and how you can help.



JUMBO WILD (60 min)
Highlights the tension between the protection of wilderness and ever-increasing development interests in wild places, bringing to life the passionate fight to protect British Columbia’s iconic Jumbo Valley.

PLANETARY (84, 52 and 43 min)
A provocative cinematic journey that explores our cosmic origins and our future as a species.
Introduces us to some of the BP oil spill's most aggrieved victims as well as those who are desperately trying to save Louisiana's eroding coastline.

THE TRUE COST (92 min)
Groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the untold story and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing?

anthro_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg ANTHROPOCENE (97 min)
Examines whether human impact has tipped the planet into a new geological epoch, with all of its political, social and behavioral implications.
tnt_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg TREES IN TROUBLE (27 min)
Documents how a city responds to an imminent tree crisis caused by invasive insects such as the emerald ash borer.
rtz_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg RACING TO ZERO: IN PURSUIT OF ZERO WASTE (56 min)
Presents new solutions to the global problem of waste.

DIVIDE IN CONCORD (82 and 60 min)
Tells the entertaining tale of banning bottled water in small town America.

Angela Sun reveals the effects of our rabid plastic consumption as she investigates The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
DAMNATION (87 min)
Explores the sea change in our national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of our rivers.
chow_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg COME HELL OR HIGH WATER (56 min)
When the graves of former slaves are bulldozed in Mississippi, a native son returns to protect the community they settled.
wts_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg THE WISDOM TO SURVIVE (56 min)
Examines the challenges that climate change poses and discusses meaningful action that can be taken by individuals and communities.

GREEN FIRE (57 min)
Explores the life and legacy of famed conservationist Aldo Leopold (A Sand County Almanac) and his land ethic philosophy.

gsr_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg GROUNDSWELL RISING (70 min)
Documents the opposition from both sides of the political spectrum to the ubiquitous practice of fracking for natural gas, and the health and environmental reasons behind it.
OIL & WATER (78 and 55 min)
The true story of two boys coming of age as they look for solutions to the global problem of reckless oil drilling following one of the world's worst toxic disasters.
bring_dvdcover142x200.jpg BRINGING IT HOME (52 min)
Extols the many benefits of industrial hemp for the environment and human health, while revealing the obstacles to what could be a thriving industry for U.S. farmers.

A WILL FOR THE WOODS (93 and 61 min)
A life-affirming depiction of people coming to terms with mortality by embracing their connection to natural cycles.

The documentary of record on the environmental movement.
A design revolution that connects buildings to the natural world, buildings where people feel and perform better. (Call to order.)
SPLIT ESTATE (76 and 15 min)
Documents the devastating effect that oil and natural gas drilling is having on the health of families and the environment in the Rocky Mountain West.
PLAY AGAIN (80 min)
What are the consequences of a childhood removed from nature?
SEMPER FI (76 min)
Reveals the Marine Corps' cover-up at Camp Lejeune of one of the largest water contamination incidents in US history.



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