We know that we cannot afford to carry on as we are.  Our reliance on coal, oil and other fossil fuels is changing the climate and poisoning the planet.  We also know the solution.  We must switch to energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. In the ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE Bullfrog Community, we can share information on promising new technologies, successful policy initiatives and show people how to kick our fossil fuel consumption habit, for good.

Host a screening today to find out what's at stake, and how you can help.


PLANETARY (84, 52 and 43 min)
A provocative cinematic journey that explores our cosmic origins and our future as a species.
Examines whether human impact has tipped the planet into a new geological epoch, with all of its political, social and behavioral implications.
DIVEST! (77 min)
Chronicles 350.org's Do the Math bus tour as it launched the fossil fuel divestment campaign onto the national and ultimately international stage.
Examines the challenges that climate change poses and discusses meaningful action that can be taken by individuals and communities.
OIL & WATER (78 and 55 min)
The true story of two boys coming of age as they look for solutions to the global problem of reckless oil drilling following one of the world's worst toxic disasters.
gsr_dvdcover142x200_new.jpg GROUNDSWELL RISING (70 min)
Documents the opposition from both sides of the political spectrum to the ubiquitous practice of fracking for natural gas, and the health and environmental reasons behind it.
BIDDER 70 BIDDER 70 (72 min)
The story of Tim DeChristopher's extraordinary, ingenious and effective act of civil disobedience drawing attention to the need for action on climate change.
SPLIT ESTATE (76 and 15 min)
Documents the devastating effect that oil and natural gas drilling is having on the health of families and the environment in the Rocky Mountain West.
DIRTY BUSINESS (90 and 60 min)
Reveals the true social and environmental costs of coal power and looks at promising developments in renewable energy technology.
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