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Bullfrog Communities

Bullfrog Communities, a project of Bullfrog Films, is thrilled to announce the availability of major award-winning new releases for virtual or in-person community and campus-wide screenings this spring.

Also, stay tuned for our Earth Day Festival in a Box special announcement in March, with discounted rates on 3 or 5 environmental film screenings, including both paid-admission or free-admission options for virtual and in-person events!


In PLEISTOCENE PARK, it is up to Russia's most defiant and eccentric geophysicist to revive the mammoth steppe ecosystem of the last ice age and save the world from a calamitous global warming feedback loop. This Sisyphean task tests his indomitable spirit; thousands of miles and millions of bison stand between him and the solution to one of our most pressing problems – the melting of the arctic permafrost. The film’s intense stakes are often eclipsed by its personable tone, charm, and wit, making for a gripping story that leaves an audience with a sense of hope, putting an optimistic and productive word in a conversation all too dominated by doom and gloom.


In 1966, Gary Duncan, a Black Louisianan teenager, breaks up a fight between a group of white and Black students outside a newly integrated school. Having dared to lay his hand on a white boy’s arm, he is arrested that night for assault on a minor. A CRIME ON THE BAYOU follows the saga of Duncan’s brave fight against a racist legal system powered by a white supremacist boss, challenging his unfair arrest all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court with the help of young Jewish attorney Richard Sobol, and their lifelong friendship is forged.


IN OUR OWN HANDS: HOW PATIENTS ARE REINVENTING MEDICINE seeks to overturn a rock far too neglected in the world of healthcare: chronic disease. Through a patient-centric, tech-driven approach to a realm of medicine often painted over with broad strokes, this film follows three individuals’ path to relief from complex, unresolved medical issues. Intertwined are these patients' intimate stories with the exploration of a groundbreaking medicinal technology that puts more data about our own biological ecosystems into our hands (and our phones) than ever before possible. IN OUR OWN HANDS chronicles a defiant and disruptive approach to health care, reshaping the viewer’s conception of illness and health.


REFLECTION: A WALK WITH WATER constantly challenges the viewer’s worldview by juxtaposing the consequences of the climate crisis in L.A. with the fight to revise our bygone relationship with the principal substance of life: water. The film inspires hope through a meditative story as much about the water cycle as it is about humanity's warped relationship with nature. REFLECTION captures the stories of those who dare to embolden us to take action while we still can. Through a 200-mile journey informed by cultural leaders, ecological iconoclasts, and indigenous wisdom keepers, it explores our lifestyle’s broken model and equips the audience to make pragmatic changes, which could help keep Earth habitable.

These films are available both virtually and for in-person events. For more information on booking a virtual screening right now, please go to Bullfrog Communities Streaming.

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An eccentric Russian scientist's quixotic quest to recreate a vanished ice age ecosystem and save the world from a catastrophic global warming feedback loop.
Audience Award, Anchorage International Film Festival

"Luke's film is incredible because its subject is incredible, and the film is utterly true to the subject—the saga of a family solving an infinity of small impossible problems in order to help solve one enormous impossible problem—the catastrophic melting of the arctic permafrost. The Zimovs embody science and engineering at its shaggy, gritty, indomitable, Russian best." Barry Burden, Director of the Elections Research Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Part road movie, part character study, all invigorating fun, PLEISTOCENE PARK optimistically illustrates the ways in which individuals have the power to inspire radical change…The grassroots spirit of the film should speak to audiences hungry for an alternative to the status quo. And climate change deniers…will inevitably be won over by the Zimovs’ spunk and dedication.” Pat Mullen, POV Magazine

A Black teenager is arrested for touching a white boy's arm! The unjustly arrested Black man and his young Jewish attorney take the case to the Supreme Court to fight for the right of all Americans to a fair trial.
DOC NYC World Premiere
"A CRIME ON THE BAYOU never explodes with fury. But that doesn't mean you won't feel enraged while taking in the maddening series of systematic wrongs committed against Sobol and Duncan." Robert Daniels, The Los Angeles Times
"Every American should watch this riveting portrayal of the breadth and depth of racial injustice in the Deep South of the 1960s." Jane Dailey, University of Chicago, Author, White Fright: The Sexual Panic at the Heart of America's Racist History


Follows the extraordinary steps ordinary people are taking to help millions with chronic diseases find their way back to health. United Nations Association Film Festival
"Health care needs disruption. It will not come from within. ...Shows how patients may be the catalyst to drive the changes that will benefit all of us." Ray Dorsey, MD, Author, Ending Parkinson's Disease: A Prescription for Action
"This is an engaging and illuminating film that is anchored by the powerful stories of several patients and their families. It makes a compelling case for medical data collection and its promise. It also demonstrates what progress is possible when patients and caregivers become citizen scientists and health care advocates." Sharona Hoffman, Co-Director, Law-Medicine Center, Case Western Reserve University School of Law


A filmmaker walks the length of the Los Angeles aqueduct in search of a vision for humanity worth living for — what he discovers has everything to do with water.
Audience Favorite, Mill Valley Film Festival
Tribeca Festival

"Must see...Should be screened through every internet portal, at every bus stop, on every subway line, and in every government office, school, university and bar. It explains all you need to know about water." Drake Stutesman, Framework, The Journal of Cinema and Media
"A wonderfully filmed and crafted piece showing water's importance to all life. Watch it and find many water-filled and biological treasures. Listen for the water calling you to create new intentions. Learn that tomorrow is another day for us to get it right. Another day of opportunities." Randy Hayes, Rainforest Action Network founder

REFLECTION: a walk with water

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Coming Soon: TOWN DESTROYER, a high profile battle erupts over images of African American slaves and Native Americans in New Deal-era murals at a San Francisco high school; TRUTH TELLERS chronicles the lives of Americans fighting for peace, racial equity, environmental justice and indigenous rights through the eyes of Robert Shetterly, a long time activist and artist; WELCOME TO COMMIE HIGH, an in-depth exploration of Community High School in Ann Arbor, MI, one of the sole survivors from America's early 70s "free schools" movement, now a thriving public school; and more... STAY TUNED for EARTH DAY FESTIVAL IN A BOX!

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