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In NO FEAR NO FAVOR, African communities on the front lines of the poaching crisis fight to protect their wildlife for future generations.


Shot over two years in Zambia's Kafue National Park — one of the largest intact wilderness areas in the world — as well as in Kenya and Namibia, NO FEAR NO FAVOR illuminates the wrenching choices faced by impoverished Africans who live where community meets wilderness — on the front lines of Africa's poaching crisis. The film follows follows local women and men who fight the illegal wildlife trade through cooperative law enforcement and innovative conservation.

Through community conservancies, the people in these communities protect wildlife and the region's wilderness heritage, return eco-tourism profits to local people, and generate sustainable livelihoods — especially for women and girls.

66 minutes
SDH captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

Directed by Mirra Bank
Produced by Richard Brockman, Mirra Bank
Writer: Mirra Bank
Editor: Maxwell Anderson
Cinematography: Mirra Bank
Animation: Amit Sethi
Music: Oovra Music
A Production of Nobody's Girls, Inc.


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"We must listen to the voices of the people in this important film. If we listen, and hear, we will learn about our history and about our world today. If we listen, and learn, we will be able to create better tomorrows."
Wendy E. Chmielewski, George R. Cooley Curator, Swarthmore College Peace Collection

"Joyously hopeful and yet achingly sad, the documentary shows us that there is no longer time to take conservation efforts slowly. No Fear, No Favor shows the horrors of poaching in graphic detail juxtaposed with resilience and love. It reminds us that effective conservation requires participation and ownership in the local communities."
Muna Ndulo, Professor, International and Comparative Law, Director, Berger International Studies Program, Cornell University

"NO FEAR NO FAVOR introduces a range of causes and consequences of wildlife poaching for the global illegal wildlife trade, a conservation crime harming diverse wildlife species and human livelihoods. While profiling the wildlife, people and places touched by commercial poaching, the film spotlights the role of communities in driving sustainable solutions to the problem. I will show this film to my students, my parents, and my daughters so they may bear witness to one of the defining challenges of the Anthropocene."
Meredith L. Gore, Associate Professor of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland

"Kafue National Park is an international treasure: I saw my first lion kill 50 yards from my tent there. I also saw villages nearby where I thought the children would shortly die of malaria. How can we expect desperate families not to poach valuable wildlife? This powerful film explores these issues, their solutions - and the conservation heroes who make them work."
Stuart Pimm, Professor of Conservation Ecology, Duke University, Founder and President, Saving Nature

"This is a sensitive and compelling exploration of the terrible challenges that wildlife trafficking poses for conservation in Africa, and of the inspiring response by local communities who have banded together in conservancies to protect their wildlife heritage and secure livelihoods for their members. The film brings the scourge of illegal wildlife trade into vivid focus. Importantly, however, it gives equal weight to the human face of wildlife trafficking. NO FEAR NO FAVOR is a great resource for educators and activists, showing that illegal trade is inextricably intertwined with community economic needs. No solution that ignores local communities can be effective."
Bob Dreher, former Senior Vice President, Defenders of Wildlife and Associate Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"The power of great storytelling about the places where we are active, like Zambia, is one of the important ways we build a global community of advocates."
Bill Ulfelder, New York Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy

"NO FEAR NO FAVOR provides a very insightful look into the poaching crisis in Africa and the illegal trafficking of wildlife products to consumer markets abroad. This is a skillfully produced and filmed video that objectively addresses the comprehensive range of issues related to Africa's illegal trade in wildlife including conflict animals, poverty, and consumerism."
Greg Warchol, Professor of Criminal Justice, Northern Michigan University, Author, Exploiting the Wilderness: An Analysis of Wildlife Crime

"Using personal stories from both sides of the poaching crisis, NO FEAR NO FAVOR offers an excellent basis for discussions of the fundamental causes of species loss. The documentary shows the ties between poverty and poaching and how local people are exploited by large wildlife trafficking syndicates. It demonstrates the underlying economic and political basis of the crisis and the critical lesson that conservation of local resources must be managed by, and for the benefit of, local communities."
Robert R. Alexander, Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies, Kenyon College


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