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Death Cafe
Developed by Jon Underwood and Sue Barsky Reid, based on the ideas of Bernard Crettaz, a Death Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session. Death Cafes have spread quickly across Europe, North America and Australasia. 13528 Death Cafes in 81 countries have been hosted since September 2011.

Association for Death Education and Counseling® (ADEC)
The Association for Death Education and Counseling®, The Thanatology Association®, is one of the oldest interdisciplinary organizations in wide array of psychologists, counselors, social workers, educators, researchers, hospice personnel, clergy, and volunteers. The primary goal of ADEC is to enhance the ability of professionals to meet the needs of those with whom they work in death education and grief counseling.

The Art of Dying Well
A project of The Centre for the Art of Dying Well at St Mary’s University (Twickenham, London, UK), The Art of Dying Well offers practical and spiritual support to those faced with the prospect of death and dying.

International Association for the Philosophy of Death & Dying
IAPDD is a global organization of over 200 scholars interested in the investigation of philosophical questions surrounding death and dying.

Extropy Institute (defunct)
Founded by philsopher and futirst Max More, who appears in Into The Night, the Extropy Institute website is “the “Library of Transhumanism, Extropy and the Future.” Extropy Institute is a think tank ideas market for the future of social change brought about by consequential technologies. As a philosophical and cultural organization, the Institute’s goals include being an international resource for strategic thinking about the future. In late 2006, Extropy Institute closed, but its website remains accessible online.

The Order of the Good Death
Founded in 2011 by Caitlin Doughty, a licensed American mortician, author and blogger who appears in Into The Night, The Order of the Good Death is a death acceptance organization that advocates for natural burial and embracing human mortality.

Ernest Becker Foundation
Established in 1993, the Ernest Becker Foundation advances understanding of how the unconscious denial of mortality profoundly influences human behavior. Ernest Becker laid the foundation for this work in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Denial of Death. The Foundation raises awareness among leaders, policy makers and the general public concerning the effects of our denial and fear of death on individual and societal behavior.

The New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care
NYZC offers guidance and training for people interested in beginning meditation or continuing in their existing practice, from all walks of life — including medical professionals, parents, lawyers, artist and bankers — in compassionate caregiving; supports people and their loved ones through serious illness and death, and assists family and friends during their grieving process.

The Buck Institute is the world’s first biomedical research institution devoted solely to research on aging.

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