Festival in a Box Screening License
Community Screening License

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Festival in a Box
Community Screening License

This LICENSE is good for one non-broadcast, public exhibition screening of each of the selected Festival-in-a-Box films (the "FILMS") to an audience. The cost includes the license fee for screening the FILMS, plus shipping and handling if you ordered a DVD or digital file and applicable sales tax.

To upgrade your license to include additional films, or to screen the FILMS more than once, send your request to [email protected].

In consideration of payment of the license fee, the LICENSOR has provided the LICENSEE with one (1) DVD copy of each of the FILMS or access to a digital file to be used for the screenings, electronic publicity materials and this license to screen each film. In addition the LICENSOR hereby grants to the LICENSEE, without warranty, a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to screen the FILMS on the SCREENING DATE(S) only, subject to the terms and conditions specified herein, as follows:

  • The LICENSEE hereby expressly agrees that the FILMS shall be used only for the permitted purposes as set forth in this AGREEMENT and for no other purpose.

  • The LICENSEE agrees that each FILM may be exhibited in more than one screening on the SCREENING DATE(S), but that permission for additional exhibition dates must be made to the LICENSOR by email or mail, at the addresses above, and will incur additional licensing fees.

  • The LICENSEE agrees that it shall not permit the FILMS to be duplicated, sold, loaned, transferred, televised or made available online or to any other party not contained herein at any time or in any manner other than as provided for in this AGREEMENT.

With respect to the License granted hereunder, it is expressly understood and acknowledged by the LICENSEE that any rights, title, or interest that the LICENSOR maintains with respect to the FILMS are expressly reserved by the LICENSOR.

You may charge admission for these “semi-theatrical” community screenings.
It includes: 1 DVD copy of each of the films or access to a digital file, this License to Screen, access to resources for your events including Screening Guides to help you plan your event and lead a discussion, Handouts, Posters, Press Stills, and use of our Publicity tools when you Post your event.

If used, the DVDs must be returned promptly after the screening to Bullfrog Films, 372 Dautrich RD, Reading, PA 19606. Any downloaded digital files must be deleted.

Screening resources can be found on each film's site. To see a list of films, click HERE.

We encourage you to list your screenings on our social media tools/event listing page if applicable. Click here to see a list of films on BULLFROG COMMUNITIES SITE.

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