Earth Day Festival in a Box

Celebrate Earth Month with in-person or virtual screenings. Inspire your campus and community with a festival of films chosen by you!

Choose 3 or 5 films and hold a film festival or series of public screenings on your campus or in your community.

Book by April 30, 2023.

Inquire about VIRTUAL community screenings!

SCREENING LICENSES These are package rates for community screenings. You will receive the screening DVDs or digital files for in-person screenings, or virtual screening links and a license that gives you the right to show each film in public once, and keep the proceeds from ticket sales.

The license is for a one-time public screening of each film in your selection. For in-person screenings, you will be required to return the screening DVDs after your event(s) or delete the digital file.

Virtual screenings are either On Demand (72-hour screening window) v On Time (livestream and synchronous screenings). On Time screenings are subject to date availability.

Contact us to inquire about VIRTUAL community screenings!
PUBLICIZE YOUR SCREENING After paying the screening fee, you will be licensed to use our online publicity to list your event and use resources (including customizable posters, press stills, discussion guides and handouts) on each film's site.
PRICING Screenings
Three titles: $250
Five Titles: $400

Click here to book screenings

(Agree to the license to see the film selection.)

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