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Bullfrog Communities, a project of Bullfrog Films, is thrilled to announce the availability of major award-winning new releases for virtual or in-person community and campus-wide screenings this fall and winter.

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Is it in all living beings? Why are we predisposed for mystical experience? AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness follows six brilliant researchers approaching the mystery from radically different perspectivesthrough high-tech brain research and Eastern meditation, by scientifically exploring inner space through psychedelic substances and by investigating the consciousness of plants. With the explosion of research into consciousness, scientists are arriving at new insights—some of which have been integral to Indigenous knowledge for millennia.100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!

The outrageous condition of the municipal water in Jackson, Mississippi has brought to the foreground the primary need for “infrastructure” repair in our marginalized communities. In THIRST FOR JUSTICE, armed only with facts and their illnesses, extraordinary citizens from three communities take on industry and government, risking arrest to demand and protect clean water.

The global unsustainable hunger for meat is being met head-on by the advances in biotechnology, imagining a world where real meat is produced sustainably without the impact on climate change or the need to breed, raise and slaughter animals. Exploring the game-changing development of “cultivated” meat, MEAT THE FUTURE is narrated by Jane Goodall and featuring music by Moby

We are all mortal, but most of us put off actually facing death as a reality. Through the lens of astrophysics, art, cryonics, near death experiences and green burials, INTO THE NIGHT: Portraits of Life and Death challenges us to rethink our place in the universe as people share their encounters with mortality. These dramatic, first-person accounts unsettle, awaken, and inspire.

During a time of racist nationalism and emboldened anti-immigrant bigotry, the conservative state of Nebraska resettles more refugees per capita than any other state. A HOME CALLED NEBRASKA is the story of midwestern welcome and acceptance, spotlighting both the people who escaped war, torture and persecution and the generous Nebraskans who welcomed them, taught them, celebrated with them, and helped them succeed in their new home. This heartwarming documentary offers a compelling portrait of ordinary people standing up for what is right, inspiring us to do the same.

Presenting a critical perspective on both governments, FRENEMIES: Cuba and the U.S. Embargo examines the fraught relationship between the island nation of Cuba and the United States. Set to the pulsating beats of Afro-Caribbean music, blending 1950s archival footage with contemporary shots of Cuba's economic decay and vibrant culture, the film paints a vivid portrait of a nation fighting for survival against the world's longest-running embargo. The United Nations has voted almost thirty times for the embargo to be lifted.

These films are available both virtually and for in-person events. For more information on booking a virtual screening right now, please go to Bullfrog Communities Streaming.

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AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness
Explores boundary-pushing research in the understanding of consciousness.
Short-Listed, German Academy Awards
Jury Prize, Debut Feature Competition, Illuminate Film Festival
Online Audience Award, Millennium Docs Against Gravity
“The most moving and beautiful depiction of deep understanding of consciousness and of who we are that I have seen depicted through film.”
Jack Kornfield, author and Buddhist teacher
“Stirs feelings of awe and wonder, humility and connection. A remarkable film.”
Valerie Kalfrin, Alliance of Women Film Journalists
“Consciousness-elevating food for thought.”
Michael Rechtshaffen, Los Angeles Times
“Stunningly deep, wise and visually arresting, the most mind-blowing Film the Maui Film Festival has presented in twenty years!”
Barry Rivers, Maui Film Festival Founder/Director


Focuses on three battles for clean water—on the Navajo Reservation, in Flint MI, and at Standing Rock—united in the belief that Water Is Life.
Best Documentary Feature, Gallup Film Festival
Nominee, Best Documentary Feature, Raindance Film Festival
Red Nation International Film Festival
"It is an obscenity that we allow Indigenous Americans and poor...urban people to drink [contaminated] water."
David O. Carpenter, M.D., Dir, Institute for Health, Univ at Albany
"Motivating and inspiring...'Thirst for Justice' tells the stories of two of the communities that are among the hundreds that experience water injustice across the country. It's a problem of priorities, racism, and classism. Watch the film, get informed, and support people and organizations doing something about it. Stand up with the people asking for clean water and not with greedy corporations."
Dr. J. Pablo Ortiz-Partida, Bilingual Senior Climate and Water Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists


Follows Dr. Uma Valeti, co-founder of leading "cultivated" meat startup Upside Foods, as he and his team develop a game-changing solution to a global, unsustainable hunger for meat.
Crystal Pelican Award, Best Director, International Science Film Festival World of Knowledge
Best Picture Editing - Documentary, Directors Guild of Canada Awards
Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival
Seoul International Food Film Festival
"Engrossing...Persuasive...Compelling...Elegantly simple and kind of mind-blowing."
Guy Lodge, Variety
"Brilliantly captures...the vast significance of disrupting modern meat production."
Christopher Bryant, Research Assoc. Psychology, University of Bath


INTO THE NIGHT: Portraits of Life and Death
Two-part documentary features intimate, provocative stories of men and women forever changed by their encounters with mortality.
National Broadcast on PBS
Austin Film Festival
Hamptons Documentary Festival
"A miraculous and courageous film that is so true, and so deep that it should be required viewing for all mortal beings."
Irvin David Yalom, MD, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University, Co-author, A Matter of Death and Life
"Watching 'Into the Night' makes clear that it's a lot more about life...To potential viewers, Whitney has a simple message: Don't be scared."
David Bauder, Associated Press
"We are all going 'Into the Night'it's one of the few guarantees in life. This poignant and beautiful film can be used as a catalyst to increase our death literacy and understanding of this integral process in life. The stories and interviews have such diversity and depth that there is something for everyone to connect with. This is just what people need to get conversations about dying, death and living well started."
Katherine Kortes-Miller, Associate Professor of Social Work, Lakehead University, Author, Talking About Death Won't Kill You: The Essential Guide to End-of-Life Conversations


Nebraskans wholeheartedly welcome refugees, showing that the newcomers enrich their communities, their economies, and their lives. Their welcome works to dispel fear, build bridges and change their own perceptions along the way.
Best Indie Spirit - Documentary, Sedona International Film Festival
Best Documentary Feature, Piermont Film Festival
Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival
“Inspiring...This film is particularly relevant right now, as the country starts to look at what divides and unites us as Americans, following the elections. In the end, and deep down, we are not that different from one another, despite religion, place of birth, or political affiliation. As we look forward to rebuilding the infrastructure to help more refugees to resettle in the US, materials such as this film will be invaluable in approaching potential host communities with a realistic picture of refugee resettlement."
Erol Kekic, Director, Immigration and Refugee Program, Church World Service
"Poignant, joyful, devastating, and searing...An ultimately hopeful film that pushes beyond sensationalistic headlines and polarizing politics to make the case that refugee resettlement is important for all of us in contemporary America. The filmmakers do not shy away from the many challenges that face newcomers, but they emphasize the creative and positive ways that refugees rebuild their lives and in doing so benefit the new communities they join...A tremendous vision of what America can be at its best, driven by the dreams and aspirations of its newest members."
Pablo S. Bose, Associate Professor of Geography, Director of Global and Regional Studies, University of Vermont, Author, Refugees in New Destinations and Small Cities: Resettlement in Vermont


FRENEMIES: Cuba and the U.S. Embargo
Presents a balanced portrait of Cuban life today and a compelling argument for why the US should lift the devastating 60-year embargo.
Audience Award, Dunedin International Film Festival
Audience Award, Oregon International Film Festival
Award of Excellence, Docs Without Borders Film Festival
Social Impact Award, Latino & Native American Film Festival
Impact Award in Global Politics, The Most Important Films International
Film Festival
"Riveting...provides a historical and contemporary context for understanding the sixty-year US embargo against Cuba."
Philip Brenner, Emeritus, Intl Relations, American University
"'Frenemies' is the best Cuban documentary made to date! It is not pro-Cuban Government. It gives clarity to the insanity of the US embargo toward Cuba. Regardless of your politics on US/Cuba relations you will enjoy this documentary filmthe music, the scenery, the actors, the citizens on the street and the story line are magnificent and factual."
Albert A. Fox, Jr., President Founder and President, Alliance for Responsible Cuba Policy Foundation


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Coming Soon: PLEISTOCENE PARK features an eccentric Russian scientist's quixotic quest to recreate a vanished ice age ecosystem and save the world from a catastrophic global warming feedback loop. In REFLECTION: a walk with water filmmaker Emmett Brennan walks the length of the Los Angeles aqueduct in search of a vision for humanity worth living forwhat he discovers has everything to do with water. A Black teenager is arrested for touching a white boy's arm! A CRIME ON THE BAYOU follows the unjustly arrested Black man and his young Jewish attorney as they take the case to the Supreme Court to fight for the right of all Americans to a fair trial.

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