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AUGUST PACE: 1989-2019
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AUGUST PACE: 1989-2019   Screening Poster


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AUGUST PACE: 1989-2019 Screening Guide

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Additional Resources



The Six Sides of Merce Cunningham - The Merce Cunningham Trust's mission is to carry Merce Cunningham's legacy into the future. This subpage examines the many sides of Cunningham, including his legacy as: a dance maker, collaborator, chance taker, innovator, film producer, and teacher.

Merce Cunningham: 65 Years - A dynamic multimedia timeline of Cunningham's life, featuring visuals that expand to very thorough text that examines the intricacies of Cunningham's upbringing and subsequent legendary career as one of the most influential and impactful choreographers of all time.

Biography - Merce Cunningham (1919-2009) is widely considered to be one of the most important choreographers of all time. This biography delves into his legacy as a dancer and choreographer. His reputation as a trailblazer is due in part to his philosophy, which made him as disruptive as he was inventive.

Honors and Awards - Merce Cunningham was a highly decorated choreographer and was the recipient of countless honors and awards, all listed here.

Cunningham Technique - The Cunningham Technique is a rigorous form of training designed to create strength and flexibility of both the body and the mind. Some of the key concepts that define this technique include: torso and legwork, spatial awareness, and rhythmic accuracy.

Writings - A catalogue of the many teachings and writings of Cunningham.



Cage and Cunningham - John Cage (renowned avant-garde Composer) and Merce Cunningham, partners in all senses of the word: life, love, and work, began their partnership in the 1940s. Cunningham and Cage would develop a radical new concept: music and dance could exist independently within the same performance. The dancers’ movements would no longer be tied to the rhythms, mood, and structure of music. Their creative collaboration was consistent until Cage’s death in 1992.

BIPED - Meet the master artist through one of his most important works: BIPED. Cunningham’s use of technology is one way in which he redefined dance. His masterwork BIPED demonstrates the evolution of Cunningham’s experiments with advancing technology. Many consider BIPED, created in 1999 when Cunningham turned 80 years old, to be the culmination of his use of computers to generate movement ideas. BIPED is the first Cunningham work in which virtual figures captured via Motion Capture technology share the stage with the company.


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