Earth Day Special on Environmental Films: Virtual Screenings Available!

Bullfrog Communities Earth Day Special

Special reminder: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Bullfrog Communities, a project of Bullfrog Films, is offering our annual Earth Day Festival in a Box discount for community and campus screenings - including virtual screenings!

Right now it might seem impossible to think about film screenings, but a virtual film festival is a great way to engage your community and students while everyone is tucked away at home. For more information, please contact us hereYou can also plan in advance for the fall, and pick a select number of films to show once large group gatherings are safe once again.

How does Earth Day Festival in a Box work? Choose ANY combination of 3, 5 or 7 environmental films and hold a film festival or series of public screenings on your campus or in your community. You can charge admission or host free events to raise awareness about key issues to help spread and inspire change. It's up to YOU!

Below is a list of primary recommendations from our new releases. Go to Earth Day Festival in a Box to see the special rates and remember to book by April 30, 2020!

COOKED (Coming in April 2020!)
Judith Helfand's searing investigation into the politics of "disaster," by way of the deadly 1995 Chicago heat wave.
Best Feature Film, EarthxFilm
Best Film, Environmental Film Festival at Yale

"Shines a light on the issues of poverty, race, class, and education that underlie how natural disasters take lives."
Brian Tallerico,
"Chronicles the painful truth that waiting for the government can be hazardous to your health. The twin vulnerability of poverty and race placed African Americans at special risk in the 1995 Chicago heat wave. In America, zip code is more important than genetic code and some people and communities have the wrong complexion for protection."
Dr. Robert D. Bullard, Professor, Urban Planning and Environmental Policy, Texas Southern University, Author, Race, Place, and Environmental Justice After Hurricane Katrina


FARMSTEADERS (Coming in April 2020!)
Follows Nick and Celeste Nolan and their young family on a journey to resurrect Nick's grandfather's dairy farm as a locally sustainable family farm.
Best Feature Film, Audience Award, Indie Grits
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
"A personal and intimate story that will create empathy between viewers and those brave souls who are farming against all odds in a globalized market system that cares little for the individual family, their historical ties to the land, and collective agrarian commitments, and instead prioritizes output above all else."
Gabrielle Roesch-McNally, Director for Women for the Land, American Farmland Trust


FROM SEED TO SEED (Coming in April 2020!)
Through a group of Canadian organic farmers—both large-scale and small-scale—we experience a full growing season with all of its rewards as well as the challenges of a changing climate.
Best of the Fest, Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Audience Choice Award, Soo Film Festival
Best Documentary Film, Popular Culture Association, DC
"This is one of the best documentary films about farming that I have watched."
Dr. Av Singh, Vice-President, Canadian Organic Growers
"Isn't a film focused on the evils of factory farming or the greed of big corporations; instead, it's an intimate and exalting look at the small family farm, the everyday hero of our food system."
Mother Nature Network
"A loving and enjoyable encouragement for anyone who cares about food and farming...I liked all the people featured in the film and the emphasis on community. It made me want to move to Canada."
Claire Hope Cummings, Author, Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds


Looks at the role microbes play in the development, physical and mental health of our children, and argues that good health may begin with kids playing in the dirt.
"Goes a long way toward solving the mystery of the missing microbes. It shows us how microbes are an essential part of human biology, and it identifies the social and medical trends that are eliminating them from our bodies for the first time in the history of our species. Many questions remain, but it is reassuring to know that there are things we can do — as individuals, families, and societies — to harness the power of the microbiota to promote healthy development and prevent disease."
Dr. Thomas McDade, Professor of Anthropology, Director, Cells to Society (C2S): Center on Social Disparities and Health, Northwestern University


Las Vegas provides an example to the world of how any city can and must create its own sustainable water solutions.
San Francisco Green Film Festival
United Nations Association Film Festival
Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary
"One of the pivotal issues of our time...Water is the central character in Las Vegas' past, present, and future. It also plays a starring role in the city and the region's economy, culture, and politics. While this may be true in many places, what is different in this geography is the tremendous innovation and creativity taking place to do more with less, the collective sense of urgency that time is running out, and the determination of many to make a difference. We can find a better path forward with water at its heart."
Nicole Silk, President and CEO, River Network


Filmmaker Josh Fox travels to 12 countries on 6 continents to investigate climate change and uncover the answer to a difficult and fundamental question: what is it that climate change can't destroy?
Sundance Film Festival
Hot Docs Film Festival
Documentary Award for Environmental Advocacy, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
Audience Choice Award, Visions/Voices, Eckerd College Environmental Film Festival
"Ups the ante on climate change...Tough to ignore."
Ken Jaworoski, The New York Times


The story of the massive peaceful resistance led by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to the Dakota Access Pipeline through their land and underneath the Missouri River.
Tribeca Film Festival
Traverse City Film Festival
Princeton Environmental Film Festival

"A lesson in resistance for the rest of us... Evocative... not only serves as a vital record of one of the biggest protest movements since Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter, but its events are also fresh. That swift response, a wake-up call, in the form of a visual poem, is a testament to the filmmakers' artistry, and urgency."
Jude Dry, IndieWire


Marine toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott, who helped fishing communities hit by the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon spills, creates a civics course to help young activists become effective.
United Nations Association Film Festival

Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Big Muddy Film Festival
"Presents complex ecological problems and troubling trends. This is a clarion call for people to get savvy and reclaim democracy by speaking out. See this film; be dedicated, persevere, and be the change. We'll all be healthier if you do, including the planet."
Rob Moir, President and Executive Director, Ocean River Institute
"This film is not just about oil spills and environmental activism. It is about the critical link between the concentration of economic power, and how that has led to the concentration of political power. Every citizen, regardless of where they are in the political spectrum, needs to understand how political polarization is driven by wealth polarization. We can have a more responsive democracy by learning the lessons offered in this film."
Daniel Craig McCool, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, University of Utah, Author, River Republic: The Rise and Fall of America's Rivers


A benzene-poisoned electronics factory worker takes his fight against the global smartphone industry from his hospital bed in China to the international stage.
Toronto International Film Festival
Investigative Report, Best Film Award, FIFDH Paris
Best Documentary Feature, Workers Unite Film Festival

"His poignant, gripping, heartbreaking film shines a beacon on how callous corporate greed has been killing and incapacitating the workers on whom we all depend for the electronic devices we all use...It is sure to open the eyes of students, faculty and other citizens, and help them think differently when they pick up their phones. It may well inspire some to emulate the film's brave protagonists who fight against all odds for simple justice."
Marc Blecher, Professor of Politics and East Asian Studies, Oberlin College, Author, China Against the Tides: Restructuring through Revolution, Radicalism and Reform


Climate-changed ocean temperatures shift New England's lobster fishery across national boundaries, sparking international tension.
Best New England Film, Mystic Film Festival
Winner, International Maritime Film Festival
"Fair-minded yet charged and beautifully made...Compels us to consider the dispute as symptomatic of the much larger struggle facing all of us: adapting to climate change, whether individually or nationally, economically, or socially. This is not a problem we can fix by drawing lines on a map, because we're all in the same boat."
Lincoln Paine, Trustee, Maine Maritime Museum, Author, Down East: An Illustrated History of Maritime Maine


THE SEQUEL: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilization?
Daringly re-imagines a thriving, resilient civilization after the collapse of our current economies, drawing on the inspirational work of David Fleming, grandfather of the global Transition Towns movement.
"Highly recommend[ed]...Through two decades of work on climate issues, I've come to appreciate that our challenges are less political and technological than we imagine them to be. Rather, our core challenges are relational and social - of how we can come to understand ourselves as connected to community across scales from local to global. An inspirational and particularly useful touchstone for those thinking about and seeking to secure a just, sustainable and resilient future for all."
Steve Adams, Director of Urban Resilience, Institute for Sustainable Communities


Reveals the increasing toxic burden on human health from chemicals in our environment.
"Leads viewers along an entertaining personal journey, beginning with the startling discovery that we each carry hundreds of synthetic chemical ingredients in our bodies that are commonly used in consumer products, without any effective regulatory oversight or understanding of the consequences. Instead of stopping there, however, she makes a few basic changes in her diet and purchasing habits that start to drastically detoxify her life. As conscious consumers, we have the potential collective power to help drive changes that ripple further out into our communities and the industries that are the ultimate source of the problem."
Charlie Cray, Senior Research Specialist, Greenpeace USA


See for a complete list of our titles. If you have questions, contact me at [email protected]. We look forward to helping you celebrate Earth Day!

Coming Soon: ELDER VOICES is about Japanese Americans, European Jews, and peace activists who came of age during the Depression and WWII address the political storm clouds gathering todayMY COUNTRY NO MORE explores the oil boom in North Dakota that set off a crisis in a rural community, forcing them to confront the meaning of progress as they fight for a disappearing way of lifeand more...

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