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Bullfrog Communities

Bullfrog Communities, a project of Bullfrog Films, is proud to announce the availability of major award-winning fall releases for community and campus-wide screenings. The new releases include incredibly timely films on labor, health and healthcare, climate change and the environment, and democracy in action.


COMPLICIT is a riveting, poignant and devastating takedown of electronics production, which benzene-poisoned worker-activists uncover to be part of the hazardous chemical industry. It reveals the faces and voices of young Chinese workers entangled in a system designed to feed the demand for electronic conveniences without adequate safeguards for their welfare and their efforts to demand justice. Winner of almost 30 major awards, COMPLICIT is a powerful corollary to films such as DEATH BY DESIGN (in particular) and THE TRUE COST about the effects of industry on human health and the environment.


Before she starts a family, Soozie Eastman wants to discover whether it's possible to reduce her body's and by extension everybody's toxic burden in OVERLOAD: AMERICA'S TOXIC LOVE STORY


THE PROVIDERS follows three healthcare workers who bring care to a rural American community, showing the transformative power of providers' relationships with marginalized patients. It illustrates the need for rural provider recruitment and retention, but also whole-person care for substance misuse without judgement while also addressing social determinants of health, including food insecurity, poverty, insurance status, health literacy, adverse childhood events, and childhood trauma.


DON'T GIVE UP YOUR VOICE!  looks at the inspirational resistance of Argentinians to the government of Mauricio Macri. The widespread and creative resistance to Macri's policies — in organized labor, at worker co-ops and street protests, in theater and music — documented in film has recently resulted in Macri being voted out of office. The film offers instructive parallels with the situation in the US, while illustrating the power of collective action. It is urgent viewing for all those in the Americas and around the world who are fighting to beat back the threat of far-right and neo-fascist ascendance.


The buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is warming the oceans, and the waters off New England's coast are seeing some of the most dramatic temperature increases on the planet. This is having a major effect on lobster populations and the fishermen who rely on them. LOBSTER WAR provides a microcosm of the issues facing humanity in the next decade: climate change, dwindling resources, and international conflict.

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A benzene-poisoned electronics factory worker takes his fight against the global smartphone industry from his hospital bed in China to the international stage.
Grand Jury Prize, Best Documentary, FIFDH Paris, Alliance Ciné, International Human Rights Film Festival
Alliance of Women Film Journalists EDA Award, DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver
Best Documentary, Life After Oil International Film Festival, Italy
"A fantastic film!"
Maya Wang, Asia Division, Human Rights Watch
"This poignant, gripping, heartbreaking film shines a beacon on how callous corporate greed has been killing and incapacitating the workers on whom we all depend for the electronic devices we all use...It is sure to open the eyes of students, faculty and other citizens, and help them think differently when they pick up their phones. It may well inspire some to emulate the film's brave protagonists who fight against all odds for simple justice."
Marc Blecher, Professor of Politics and East Asian Studies, Oberlin College, Author, China Against the Tides: Restructuring through Revolution, Radicalism and Reform


Reveals the increasing toxic burden on human health from chemicals in our environment.
Flyover Film Festival
Utopia Film Festival
"Soozie is like everywoman, appalled and confused about the ubiquity of the chemicals that are allowed around us. OVERLOAD leaves us with the knowledge and tools that we can all use to fight and avoid this government-sanctioned flood of chemicals and take control for ourselves, our families and our world."
Adelita Cantu, Associate Professor of Nursing, UT Health San Antonio
"Leads viewers along an entertaining personal journey, beginning with the startling discovery that we each carry hundreds of synthetic chemical ingredients in our bodies that are commonly used in consumer products, without any effective regulatory oversight or understanding of the consequences. Instead of stopping there, however, she makes a few basic changes in her diet and purchasing habits that start to drastically detoxify her life. As conscious consumers, we have the potential collective power to help drive changes that ripple further out into our communities and the industries that are the ultimate source of the problem."
Charlie Cray, Senior Research Specialist, Greenpeace USA
"This highly engaging and educational film describes the many sources and dangers of toxic environmental chemicals. BUT it also give us hope via practical solutions for reducing our exposures at both the personal and community level. I highly recommend it for teachers and community groups who wish to raise awareness of these issues."
Dr. Ann Aschengrau, Professor of Epidemiology, Boston University, Co-author, Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health


Three healthcare providers bring care to a rural American community, showing the transformative power of providers' relationships with marginalized patients.
Spotlight on Inspiration Documentary Award, St. Louis International Film Festival
Gold Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature, Seattle Social Justice Film Festival
Audience Choice Award Best Documentary, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival
"A compelling portrayal of the individuals - physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners - who deliver care under very difficult circumstances."
Bill Finerfrock, Executive Director, National Association of Rural Health Clinics
"Shows humanity at its neediest and at its most admirable."
The Boston Globe
"Delivers a deeply moving portrait of selflessness and dedication that feels particularly timely in this era of division between the red and blue states." The Hollywood Reporter


Looks at the inspirational resistance of Argentinians to the government of Mauricio Macri, whose election preceded Trump's but whose style and policies are eerily similar.
United Nations Association Film Festival
Award of Merit, Impact Docs Awards
"It's terrific. And so timely. It has amazing parallels with the US...Great political analysis and great views of the co-ops."
Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Professor of Community Justice and Social Economic Development, Dept of Africana Studies, John Jay College - CUNY, Author, Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice
"The huge and unnecessary human costs of capitalism's cyclical instability and inherent tendency to inequality have always provoked anti-capitalist initiatives. Increasingly, the initiatives focus on the micro level: to transform workplaces' internal organizations from their hierarchical, anti-democratic past into a genuinely democratic worker-cooperative future...This film documents the process in Argentina."
Richard D. Wolff, Founder and Contributor, Democracy at Work, Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Macri emerged as a Latin Donald Trump, adept at manipulating citizens dissatisfied with the status quo, demonizing the 'Other' and pitting people against one another...The culture of resistance continues strong among the people...They have not given up their voice. They give voice to the resistance to savage capitalism that has enveloped Argentina. La lucha continua."
Cliff Durand, Co-founder and Research Associate, Center for Global Justice, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Morgan State University, Author, Moving Beyond Capitalism


Climate-changed ocean temperatures shift New England's lobster fishery across national boundaries, sparking international tension.
Best New England Film, Mystic Film Festival
Runner-up, Grand Prize for Best Feature Film, International Maritime Film Festival

"Beautiful...Compelling." Rob Conery, Cape Cod Times
"Tackles global issues... [Is] emblematic of the coming conflicts caused by manmade global warming in miniature."
Dennis Perkins, Portland Press Herald
"Climate change, increased lobster populations and a centuries-old land dispute have created a perfect storm...[Lobster War] explores how this conflict came about and why it may only get worse as temperatures continue to rise across the world."
Matt Juul, Metro Boston
"Tackle[s] the all-important question of our age, namely how humanity and nature can co-exist in a period of insurmountable capitalist contradiction, especially when humanity takes the form of small businesspeople hoping to exploit natural resources under duress." Louis Proyect, CounterPunch


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Coming Soon: AMÁ, the untold story of the involuntary sterilization of Native American women by the Indian Health Service well into the 1970s; DAY ONE, traumatized Middle Eastern and African teen refugees are guided through a program of healing by devoted educators at a unique St. Louis public school for refugees; LET THEM EAT DIRT looks at the role microbes play in the development, physical and mental health of our children, and argues that good health begins with kids playing in the dirt; ONCE WAS WATER, Las Vegas provides an example to the world of how any city can and must create its own sustainable water solutions; A SILENT TRANSFORMATION, the transformative power of the co-operative enterprise model, illustrated with many inspirational examples; WHO'S NEXT? examines the effects of hate speech and bigotry on the lives of Muslim-Americans; and more...


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